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Model # TS-48 is our 48'' Tiger Shark Cutter for 75-90 class excavators

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April 2023

Our 48" Tiger Shark is the perfect match for your 75-90 Class mid size Excavator. It's made of 1/4" steel plate and is reinforced with AR400 Skid plates and Rake edges. The Cutters "Shark Teeth" are also reinforced with AR400 plate. Hot Dip Galvanize, AR400 and commercial grade Gear-Tek hydraulic motors coupled to our BH275 (in house made) Load Bearing assures long life in the field! The Tiger Shark, one of the meanest Predators on the Reef will make short work of grass, brush and small trees up to 7-8".
*Do not exceed 28 Gallons per Minute of auxiliary hydraulic flow*

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